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Rain Delay Notice

This notice is being sent to all active lawn service customers. With the rain and wet conditions this week, we were only able to complete about half of our scheduled lawn services. Rain is expected to continue for the next 11 days, and only two are expected to be 30% chance or less. Most are 50% or greater. Thankfully this has dropped from 80-90% for most days that was predicted just a few days ago.

Given the weather forecast, we expect delays in mowing services over the next two weeks, but we are going to do everything we can to get everyone caught up as quickly as possible. Some of you will have some tall grass by the time we get caught up but we’d rather cut your tall grass than risk rutting your lawn by putting our equipment on soft soil. We promise we won’t forget about you, but we do ask that you be patient while we get everyone’s grass back to manageable heights.

For those of you who are scheduled for pine straw, shrub work, mulch or other services, our priority is always to complete mowing first, but we will continue to attempt these jobs when we are unable to mow. I’m hoping to get our waiting list of one-time work caught up by next week regardless of the weather.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me. I’ve attached a copy of weather channel forecast from if you’reinterested. Stay dry!

Rain Delay Forecast May 18 Cumming GA