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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Lawn Care Services

What services does Lawnshavers offer?

Lawnshavers offers weekly and bi-weekly lawn mowing and maintenance, flowerbed weed control, pinestraw and mulch installation, shrub pruning, leaf removal, and dog waste pickup. We also work with local companies to handle pressure washing and gutter cleaning tasks.

What is your mowing schedule?

Our mowing schedule starts on Monday and goes until everyone gets cut for the week.

Can I get service on Friday?

We do not guarantee a specific day of service. To keep our operation as efficient as possible, we operate a “master route” that is optimized for the least amount of drive time per week and maximize our time maintaining lawns. Customers are removed and added to this route in real time. Our goal is to ensure that all (or at least as many as possible depending on weather) customers are serviced prior to the weekend.

What kind of equipment do you use?

Lawnshavers uses commercial grade 36″ Exmark walk-behind mowers and Echo edgers, trimmers, and leaf blowers.

How much does your service cost?

Every lawn is different. Our services are based on the size of your lot and the estimated time to complete your service.

How do I pay?

As of spring 2017 Lawnshavers does not accept cash or check. All customers must provide credit or debit card information in order to schedule service. All services are billed the first Monday AFTER service is completed.  Recurring services are billed per occurrence.

Do you accept credit or debit cards?

Yes. A debit or credit card is required to start service with Lawnshavers.

Can you bill me monthly?

All Lawnshavers services are billed the Monday after a service is completed. For routine lawn maintenance, we will bill for each service completed on the following Monday. We do not combine invoices for services unless they are completed in the same weekly billing cycle.

When do you stop cutting grass in the winter?

For most grasses in our area, service ends sometime in November. However, we will continue to service properties that need leaf clean up until all leaves have fallen. Once the leaves have fallen, we will provide winter maintenance based on the needs of your property, with most customers receiving winter maintenance only once or twice per month.

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Lawnshavers Renews PCI Compliance Certificate Through 2018

PCI compliance is a set of security standards for credit card acceptance designed to protect consumer data.  For Lawnshavers, we not only maintain PCI compliance, but we’ve made securing your data is easy. In fact, we don’t keep direct records of your sensitive information at all.

How We Keep Your Data Secure

  1. Even though Lawnshavers uses a “card on file” system of credit card billing, we do not actually store your card information directly.
  2. When you provide your card information, your information is encrypted and stored directly by our merchant services provider, BluePay, which is the processing company responsible for managing your transaction.
  3. Once entered, no Lawnshavers employee, including the CEO, has the ability to view your card information.
  4. Our invoicing system communicates with BluePay to dictate when and how much should be billed to your card.
  5. We do not have “automatic” billing. All credit card charges are initiated by a Lawnshavers employee on our designated billing date for your account, generally each week on Monday.
  6. Each Monday a Lawnshavers employee selects invoices to run and initiates the card billing process. By default, and for most services, we only bill for services completed the previous week.
  7. We do not write down or share your information with anyone. It is entered directly into the BluePay software as it’s given.
  8. We will NEVER ask you to provide sensitive personal information by text or email.

Lawnshavers is committed to keeping your information secure. We will never sell or provide any of your information to a third party without your expressed permission. Our most recent PCI compliance certificate expires 11/5/2018 and is renewed annually.

If you have additional questions about how we keep your payment information secure, please contact us directly at 678-456-5662 or

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Lawnshavers’ Privacy Policy

What information do we collect?

We collect information needed to provide you with your requested service quote.

What do we use your information for?

Your information may be used in the following ways:

  • To personalize your experience with Lawnshavers.
  • To improve our website
  • To improve our customer service
  • To process transactions
  • To send periodic emails or promotional information related to your request.

How do we protect your information?

Your information is kept in-house in our secure customer database. We do not provide any information to any third party companies. 

Do we use cookies?

Yes. Our website uses cookies to help personalize your browsing experience on


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Lawnshavers Changes Routing Method For Lawn Maintenance Service

Lawnshavers Mission

Effective immediately, Lawnshavers will be changing our routing structure for lawn maintenance services.

The Challenge

In the past we have guaranteed a specific service day, and then if we had rain make ups or other delays we would work the delayed properties back into our schedule. This has resulted in three problems we want to address:

  • Inefficient routing, which causes problem #2.
  • Services delayed into the weekend, or worse, skipped to the following week.
  • We foresee several challenges with this system we want to avoid as we hire crews to implement our services.

The Solution

After seeking advice from several much larger lawn service companies and talking with many of our own customers, we have decided to change our service to what we call a Weekly Master Route system. In the new system, we will have a weekly master route that runs Monday through Thursday, with Friday and weekends used for delays as needed. The route will be scheduled for maximum driving efficiency, and we will work through this route each week while adding and cancelling accounts to and from the route in real time.

After consulting the more experienced professionals and testing this arrangement in small scale over the last few weeks, we strongly feel the pros of this system outweigh the cons for both you and Lawnshavers.

The Pros

  • Less skipped services due to inefficient routing
  • Greater efficiency equals fewer services skipped or completed over the weekend when we experience delays. This is good for your social life and our employee morale.
  • Greater efficiency will reduce our non-billable labor costs, and allow us to compete for better, more reliable employees.
  • Gives us the ability to address issues with hiring and finding reliable field crew without setting awkward expectations with you (ie, if we hire someone today and tell you that weve added you to Tuesdays route because we have an extra worker, but he doesnt show up or I have to fire him, so we have to move you back to Wednesday the very next day, and we look stupid). This system virtually eliminates that type of annoying issue you dont need to be troubled with.

The Cons

Essentially nothing about the performance of your service will change. The only negative change will be that you will no longer be assigned to a specific day for service. Instead, we will address specific concerns regarding service timing as outlined in the paragraph below, and your actual day of service will change according to our account volume and weather. Our commitment to all customers will be to get everyone serviced prior to the weekend if at all possible.

For those customers who need us to avoid service at certain times or on certain days, please let us know and we will update our notes in our dispatching software so we can avoid disturbing you (night shift workers, work from home on certain days, etc). If you wish to request service on a specific day, we will either offer a new proposal to address our increased costs in time and labor to make such an accommodation, or we will have to politely decline the account. To my knowledge, we have no current customers that should require special accommodations for us to make this change.

This Week

For the remainder of this week, we will be performing services based on immediate need as rain is expected Friday through Sunday. Starting Monday, we will implement the new routing plan and you may receive service on a different day of the week than you’ve been accustomed.

Contact Us

We want to make your lawn care service as smooth and as hassle-free as possible. If you have any questions about this change, please call us at 678-456-5662.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support of Lawnshavers!

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Lawn Care Service In 30040

Lawnshavers provides lawn mowing and maintenance service in 30040. Neighborhoods we are available to serve include:

  • Adair Park
  • Arbors At Lakeview
  • Arbors II At Lakeview
  • Ashebrooke
  • Ashford Manor Court
  • Ashford Manor Enclave
  • Barrett Downs
  • Barrett Landing
  • Bentley Ridge
  • Bethelwood Lakes
  • Big Creek Township
  • Bridgetowne
  • Bridlewood
  • Brighton Lake
  • Calamar
  • Cambridge Estates
  • Canterbury Farms
  • Carriage Post
  • Castleberry Heights
  • Castlebrook
  • Concord Farms
  • Cool Springs
  • Creekside
  • Creekside Enclave
  • Danbury Farms
  • Davis Farms
  • Dressage
  • Dyer Farms
  • Estates At Big Creek
  • Evans Farms
  • Fieldstone Enclave
  • Fieldstone Glen
  • Fieldstone Park
  • Fieldstone Preserve
  • Forest Brooke
  • Fox Chase
  • Fox Creek
  • Gates At Castleberry
  • Golden Ridge
  • Greenwood Acres
  • Hampton Forest
  • Hanson Farms
  • Highlands At Sawnee Mountain
  • Huntington
  • Hyde Park
  • Ivey Manor
  • Jesslin Oaks
  • Kelly Mill Meadows
  • Kinsgwood
  • Kingswood At Castleberry
  • Lake Astoria
  • Lake Forest
  • Landing at Kelly Mill
  • Liberty
  • Madison
  • Manchester Court
  • Mancheter Park
  • Maristone
  • Marseille
  • Meadow Crest
  • Mountain Valley Estates
  • Mountainside
  • Nestledown Farm
  • Nichols Creek
  • Notting Hill
  • Old Towne Bethelview
  • Olde Field Chase
  • Parkside At Pilgrim Mill
  • Parkside At The Polo Fields
  • Parkside On Post
  • Parkside Village
  • Pinehurst
  • Polo Fields
  • Polo Golf and Country Club
  • Post Brook Farms
  • Providence Plantation
  • Reserve At Lakeview
  • Rogers Crossing
  • Rose Creek
  • Rosewood Lake
  • Saint Andrews Crest
  • Sawnee Creek
  • Sawnee View Farms
  • Sheffield
  • Sherwood Forest
  • Shiloh Creek
  • Shiloh Pointe
  • Shiloh Ridge
  • Sienna
  • Silver Leaf
  • Somerdale
  • Stablegate Farms
  • Stonebrooke Commons
  • Stonehaven
  • Stonehaven Pointe
  • Telfair
  • TheEnclave
  • The Manor
  • The Meadow At Preserve
  • Thorngate
  • Timberland Heights
  • Traditions
  • Tullamore
  • Vickery
  • Vickery Downs
  • Vickery Springs
  • Vickery Village
  • Villas At Bethelview
  • Villas At Castleberry Township
  • Walnut Grove
  • Waterford
  • West Oaks
  • Westbrook
  • Westerleigh Commons
  • WestFall
  • Westgate
  • Westlake
  • Woodbury Preserve
  • Wynfield
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Lawn Care Service In 30028

We help homeowners with their lawn maintenance and lawn care service in 30028. Neighborhoods we are available to serve include:

  • Abbey Glen
  • Arbor Ridge
  • Ascot
  • Bannister Park
  • Burnt Bridge
  • Burnt Bridge at Settendown
  • Carruth Lake Estates
  • Churchill Crossing
  • Concord Creek
  • Crescent Landing
  • Glenn Ivey
  • Grandview Manor
  • Green Summers
  • Greystone Trace
  • Hopewell Manor
  • Hunley Creek
  • Hunters Walk
  • Hurt Bridge Park
  • Jefferson Place
  • LakeHaven
  • Magnolia Creek
  • Millstone
  • Montclair
  • Mulberry Farms
  • Orchard Lake
  • Parkstone
  • Pleasant Manor Estates
  • Post Oak Glen
  • Quail Hollow
  • Saddle Ridge
  • Sentinal Grove
  • Settlers Lake
  • Starr Creek Forest
  • Taylor Creek
  • The Lakes At Franklin Goldmin
  • The Manor at Harmon Lake
  • The Springs At Burnt Bridge
  • Twelve Oaks
  • Villages at Settingdown
  • Whisper Point
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Cheap Lawn Mowing Service In Cumming, GA

Cheap Lawn Mowing Service Cumming Ga

I was reading through some posts in a lawn care group on Facebook and one conversation in particular was about cheap lawn mowing service.

I am always humored by complaints about “lowballer” lawn care guys who charge ridiculously low prices to cut grass, because I know from experience that these guys won’t be able to sustain those prices and stay in business. Basically, I don’t even worry about them, but this post got me thinking about the hidden costs of cheap lawn mowing service you may not realize.

Here’s the post in question:

Cheap Lawn Mowing Service

[box type=”info”]Transcript:

Customer: Hi. This is [John]. How much would you charge to mow my yard?

Lawn Guy: My minimum is [$X], but I need to see your yard first before I can tell you for certain.

Customer: Well…the last guy did it for $20 and I haven’t heard from him in a month.

Lawn Guy:    ………..

Customer: Can you match his price?

Lawn Guy: Probably not.

End Transcript [/box]

Presumably, the poster, who I do not personally know, is recounting a conversation he had with a prospective customer.

This simple post highlights some common misconceptions about lawn mowing service in general, and the general attitudes of customers and service providers toward cheap lawn mowing service.

All Lawn Mowing Services Are The Same

A common misconception, and a omplete and total myth. As you’ll see outlined below, the skill level, plant knowledge, and commitment to being a long-term legitimate business to it’s customers varies widely. There is so much more to lawn maintenance than just pushing a lawn mower.

All Customers Are Cheapskates

This is simply not true. A smart business owner will realize that everyone wants the best price for the value they are receiving. Given two affordable choices, most people will select the choice that provides the most value, not necessarily the cheapest. All else being the same (as far as the customer is concerned), the lowest price wins. It’s not the customers job to uncover a company’s value as and how they’re better than their competition. It’s a business’ job to display that value in an understandable manner to you.

Everyone Wants The Best Price

Duh. Every lawn mowing service provider knows that you want the cheapest price possible. Reputable companies also know that there is a very real floor to how much they can charge and still maintain enough profit to run their business and provide reliable service year after year. Those same companies have also learned that it’s better to turn down “cheap” business than pay the customer for the opportunity to mow their lawn. How does that happen?

Simple. Once a service provider accounts for labor, repair, fuel, overhead, liability insurance, works comp insurance, licensing, and all the other small details that go into running a real business, the minimum price to perform the work is going to be higher than your handyman neighbor who just wants some spare cash.

Where Can You Find Cheap Lawn Mowing Service?

There are a three main places you’re likely to find cheap lawn mowing service:

1)     Neighborhood kids will mow for cheap

2)     Neighborhood handymen will usually mow for cheap

3)     New startup companies that don’t understand their costs will almost always do it for cheap.

And all of these guys are legitimate people who do not likely have the overhead of a professional lawn maintenance company and may be able to provide lawn mowing service inexpensively.

But there are risks.

Why Can Some Folks Provide Cheap Lawn Mowing Service?

As I mentioned before, a legitimate lawn maintenance company has overhead costs that your neighborhood “lawn guy” doesn’t have, such as:

Liability Insurance

Used to protect you if they damage your property. Lawn mowers and trimmers are dangerous machines that cause property damage throughout the country every year. Accidents are more common in inexperienced hands.

Commercial Equipment

Most lawn maintenance companies have professional equipment designed for commercial use. Inexpensive “homeowner” grade mowers are designed to be used much less frequently and for less hours per day than commercial grade equipment. A good commercial mower can easily cost between $7,000 and $15,000.

Maintenance Costs

Lawn equipment breaks down. A lot. And one of the main reasons a cheap lawn guy will quit on you without warning is because he can’t afford to maintain his equipment. For starters, he’s probably using low quality equipment that is more prone to breaking, and then he’s not charging enough from his customers to be able to maintain or replace that equipment. As soon as it breaks down, he disappears. If I was a betting man, I’d guess that’s what happened to our friendly customer up there.

Labor Costs

While mowing seems like easy work, there is a level of expertise that is developed among lawn technicians and the industry is competitive. It’s not uncommon for a lawn technician to be making $12, $15, $18, and depending on his leadership skills, over $20/hr plus benefits or he may find another company to work for.  This drives up the costs of professional lawn care.

Why Should You Choose Professional Lawn Mowing Over Cheap Lawn Mowing Service

Lawn mowing service is definitely one of those areas you get what you pay for. The biggest benefit to paying for quality lawn mowing service is reliability and consistency.

You want your lawn mowed every week without fail. A good lawn company can deliver that. Before I started Lawnshavers, I was taking care of a few lawns for friends. Then my appendix burst unexpectedly and I was stuck in the hospital for more than two weeks.

Do you think my friends just let their grass grow while I was gone? Of course not! They couldn’t.

With a professional operation, there will almost always be someone there to pick up the slack and get the work done.

What happens when your uninsured lawn guy accidentally backs his zero turn mower into your $6,000 air conditioner. He’s only charging $20 a cut. If he had to replace your air conditioner it would take him 300 yards to pay for that repair. A highly skilled two main team may cut 100 lawns in a week. Do you think your guy even has 100 lawns to cut? Chances are he has 6 or 7. Maybe 10. Do you think he can afford that repair out of pocket? Do you think he’s going to pay for your air conditioner before he feeds his family? Obviously that won’t happen. So you’re left to fix it yourself and take him to court. He’ll take his chances you won’t sue him.

In any case, with all the problems that come with cheap lawn care, you’re always left holding the bag. You pay for their mistakes, and you pay when you have to spend unnecessary time and take an unknown risk in finding an entirely new lawn service provider. Plus, when you do find a professional service provider to help you out, they generally charge you more than a weekly maintenance fee to get your lawn back into manageable condition. You lose all around simply because your last lawn guy was unprofessional.

How To Choose A Professional Lawn Maintenance Company

The first step to choosing a good lawn mowing service instead of a cheap lawn mowing service is to stop making your decision based on price alone. Instead compare total service offerings and seek the most value.

A few value items to look for are:

1)     Insurance – this should be obvious by now, but you’ll be surprised how many lawn companies don’t have liability insurance. $1,000,000 should be the minimum policy.

2)     Service Packages – What else can your lawn maintenance guy do that your handyman neighbor couldn’t do. Do they trim shrubs that he didn’t, do they take care of leaves, but he didn’t? Chances are a professional operation can provide you with more services than a cheaper alternative. How much easier is it to just call up someone you already trust than worry about finding someone new.

3)     Better Referrals – Your professional lawn maintenance company will know good fertilization companies, tree trimming companies, pool companies, pest control companies, etc and probably who to avoid as well.

4)     Service Guarantees – Do they guarantee their work? Some do, some don’t.

5)     Reliability – Lawn companies are notoriously unreliable. But some maintain strict scheduling a routes to insure consistent service.

6)     Credit Cards – Does your lawn company offer you the convenience of paying by card? Chances are it’s a pain to go to the bank for cash or to remember to leave out a check.

7)     Communication – Goes with reliability, but do they tell you when your schedule is affected by a weather delay or when they’ll make up service.

8)     Fence Gates  – Do they check fence gates to make sure they’re shut before they leave?

9)     Legal Employees & Background Checks – Are their workers legal and speak Enlish? Often the answer to both questions is no. Shouldn’t you have the ability to speak with someone working on your property? Have they been background checked for past history of burglary, theft, violet crime or any other significant risks.

A few other questions you may think to ask are:

Do you offer fertilization and weed control?

Small and medium sized operations may not, and that’s ok. Larger operations probably do. What you don’t want is a small operation trying to do both mowing and fertilization and providing bad service at one or the other. You can learn more about why this can be an issue in this post about different types of lawn care service.

Do you sharpen mower blades daily?

Dirty and dull mower blades cause grass to rip instead of cut cleanly. Ripped grass will look yellowed and is more susceptible to disease. Professional lawn maintenance crews will have fresh blades every day.

How often do you switch mowing direction?

Every service is the correct answer. This prevents heavy lawn equipment from leaving ruts in your yard.

What is your policy for broken sprinkler heads?

If a lawn mowing company breaks your sprinkler heads, they should fix it. They are inexpensive and easy to replace.

As you can see, there are many more services and value propositions to consider than just price. Not everyone performs the same services for the same price or provides the proper amount of protection for you and your property.

So, when your cheap lawn guy flakes out on you, and you’re griping through the process of finding a replacement, consider spending a few extra dollars per week (it’s usually not much). Your sanity, grass, and shrubs will all be better for it.

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The 4 Types Of Lawn Care Service

Types Lawn Service

You probably haven’t thought about it much, but did you know there are actually 4 different types of lawn care service companies? Depending on your needs and budget, you may only use one or two but it’s important to understand who to call to get what you need.

The 4 Types Of Lawn Care Service

Within the residential lawn care business, you generally have four types of lawn service:

  1. Lawn Maintenance
  2. Fertilization & Weed/Pest Control
  3. Irrigation
  4. Landscaping

As a general rule, each of these categories is a business unto itself. Among smaller companies it’s rare to see a lawn maintenance company that also does good fertilization. Or you may find a good fertilization company, but they don’t do landscaping, and so on.

Some larger companies are able to perform more than one service at a high level, but even then they usually perform one service better than all others.

Lawn Maintenance

Lawn maintenance consists of maintaining the week to week basic physical needs of your lawn. Common maintenance tasks include:

  • Mowing (includes edging, trimming, and general clean up)
  • Small and medium shrub trimming & pruning
  • Mulch installation
  • Leaf clean Up
  • Hand weeding
  • Small tree pruning
  • Aeration (optional)

Commercial Or Residential

These tasks need to be completed on commercial and residential property on a constant basis and within the lawn maintenance niche some companies may strictly perform commercial maintenance or, like Lawnshavers, may be focused squarely on residential service.


For most lawns in the Cumming, GA area, the growing season is approximately March Through November, with March and November both requiring less than weekly mowing.  Additional tasks such as leaf clean up and pruning can be completed over the winter months. If you have a lawn with cool-season grass, you will need additional maintenance through the winter.

Equipment Setup

All maintenance crews use the same general tools. One ore more lawnmowers of various sizes, string trimmers (weedeaters), and edger, leaf blowers, and various hand tools and smaller equipment. For more efficient operations, trucks outfitted for maintenance will generally consist of a specially modified bed designed to hold all of the equipment. Many operations may also utilize open and enclosed trailers to store and haul equipment.

Skills Needed

While general lawn care may not seem like it requires much skill, truly professional lawn maintenance providers must know proper mowing and trimming technique and know how to prune various shrubs and decorative plants.  Most maintenance companies do minimal if any installations, but GA requires a license if you are selling or distributing live plants as a “landscaper.”

Lawnshavers falls squarely in this category.  In fact, we even specialize in particular types of lawns within the lawn maintenance category.

Fertilization and Weed Control

Fertilzation and weed control consists of keeping your lawn and landscape healthy and thriving.  The primary applications include:

  • Periodic fertilization applications
  • Pre-emergent weed control applications
  • Identifying disease and pests
  • Miscellaneous pest control

Commercial Or Residential

Like maintenance companies, fertilization and weed control companies often serve commercial and/or residential accounts with some companies focusing on one or the other.


Fertilizaton and weed control applications occur throughout the year at periodic intervals based on your grass and plant types.

Equipment Setup

One of the reasons lawn maintenance and fertilization don’t go hand in hand is because fertilization requires it’s own setup separate from a a maintenance rig. For smaller operations, it’s simply not practical to own a fertilization equiped vehicle and only use it periodically throughout the year. It’s much easier for a company to specialize in one or the other and then refer other quality service providers to their customers.

Skills Needed

The second reason maintenance and fertilization companies are separated is simply due to the knowledge required for each.  Chemical application requires the company to be licensed as a pest control contractor and spray technicians require very specific training on the needs of ornamental plants and turf.  Applicators must also require specific knowledge about various pesticides and their affect on plants, animals, and humans.

As a lawn maintenance company, Lawnshavers does not currently offer fertilization and weed control, but we will happily refer you to a competent company that can. We do plan on offering fertilization and irrigation services in the future.

Irrigation Service & Maintenance

Irrigation service includes the installation and/or maintenance of your irrigation system (generally sprinklers).  Common tasks include:

  • Installation of complete watering systems
  • Maintenance of watering system
  • Irrigation repair

Commercial Or Residential

Like other services, both commercial and residential customers require service, though less specialization occurs. Many commercial outfits have their own onsite repairmen as well.


Sprinkler and irrigation needs occur year round with both repairs rising with use in the spring and summer. Installs can be completed year round, weather permitting.

Equipment Setup

Like maintenance and fertilization, irrigation service is best served with it’s own vehicle setup. A irrigation technician needs tools and supplies on hand to complete their work.

Skills Needed

Knowledge of irrigation, plumbing, and Low Voltage Electrician’s License.

Lawnshavers does not currently offer irrigation installation or repair, but we plan to in the future. We will happily refer you to an irrigation professional if needed.


Landscaping consists of anything that would change the overall appearance of your yard and goes hand in hand with hardscaping. Landscapers handle:

  • Landscape Design
  • Landscape Installation

Commercial Or Residential

Again, landscapers and hardscapers can do both and often specialize in one or the other.


Most landscaping work occurs during the growing season when weather is nice, but some projects can be completed in the winter. It also depends on the company. Hardscaping projects, such as water features and patios, may be more common, but irrigation and new plants projects can be done. Obviously winter weather may affect any planned winter projects.

Equipment Setup

Equipment needs vary based on the type of landscaping work being done and the varied equipment needs are another reason you see some lawn maintenance companies who don’t specialize in landscaping. Dump trucks, large trailers, and even heavy machines like back hoes or skid-steers be required for many landscaping projects.

Skills Needed

Many landscapers and hardscapers will need a contractor’s license to stay above board with the state. Knowledge of equipment, plant life cycles, plant needs, erosion control, and ability to manage large projects and crews are needed.

Many landcapers may have lawn maintenance divisions as well though some don’t and those that do tend to cater toward commercial accounts.

Lawnshavers does not provide large landscaping projects. We will happily refer you to a landscape company if needed.

Choosing A Service Provider

Sometimes you will see a lawn maintenance company that also provides fertilization or vice versa.  At a certain size, a company can afford to outfit multiple trucks and will have a customer base that can support both services. However, it is still common for them to be more proficient at one than the other, at least in the early stages of such an effort.

When in doubt, hire a specialist for each type of project you need. Many lawn companies say they “do it all” when in fact they simply do not have the equipment, skill, or people to adequately do the job in question. Less than 10% of lawn care companies are truly large enough to be able to adequately serve multiple types of clients. Often this is because they are trying to do too much.

Hire Separate Companies To Minimize Your Overall Concerns

Unless you know your company has dedicated people to serve each individual sector of the lawn care industry, hire a lawn maintenance company to handle your grass and shrubs, hire a fertilization company to make your grass as green as you want, hire an irrigation company to manage your sprinklers, and hire a landscaping company if you want to redesign your landscape.

You will be better served and ultimately happier for it.

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The Most Efficient Way To Mow Your Lawn

Efficient Way Mow Lawn

Finding the most efficient way to mow your lawn is easy. Just look to quality lawn care companies and learn their techniques. Good lawn care companies strive to be as efficient as possible while delivery a good looking lawn week in and week out.  Here are a few tricks of the trade:

For pure efficiency, Lawnshavers recommends the maintenance routines outlined below. For the purpose of this article we’re assuming you will be doing all the work yourself.  The work order may be slightly different for a two or three man mowing crew.

As a general rule, mowing is faster than trimming, so you want to mow as much area of the lawn as possible. If you trim first, you may miss areas your mower can’t go, or worse, you may spend time trimming more lawn than you need to. By mowing first, you also know exactly how high to trim to keep an even grass height.

For a lawn that is regularly maintained, we recommend:

  • Mow
  • Edge
  • Trim
  • Clean Up/Blow Debris

For an overgrown lawn:

  • Edge
  • Trim (trim high as you may be mowing high as well).
  • Mow
  • Clean Up/Blow Debris

Why Change The Order For Overgrown Lawns?

Efficiency at the expense of a good looking lawn does not work in the lawn care business because the lawn needs to look good every time. When you trim and edge an overgrown lawn, you’ll have a significant amount of longer grass debris than if the yard is maintain regularly.  Edging and trimming first allows you to bag or mulch the excess debris.  If you mow first, you’d either leave lots of large grass debris on the lawn when you’re done, or you end up mowing large portions of the lawn twice.

What Do Other Lawn Care Companies Do?

Honestly, we have no idea. Every company is different. Some lawn care providers may use a different work order for various reasons, but for efficiency, we’ve found these work orders work best to give us the cleanest look in the fastest possible time.

Hate doing all this work yourself and live in Forsyth County, Georgia? You’re always welcome to request an estimate and let us take care of it for you!

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