Why Choose Pine Straw Mulch For Your Landscaping Design

In Cumming, pine straw is a popular choice for landscape design. There are multiple reasons it makes a great mulch for this area:

1)      Pine straw is a more cost effective option than other mulches

2)      Pine straw is a natural, renewable, and sustainable mulch product

3)      Pine straw benefits your soil in multiple ways including insulating plant roots, conserving moisture/preventing dry out, and preventing erosion.

4)      Pine straw breaks down slowly and requires less frequent application to keep it looking good

5)      Pine straw does not change the pH of soil

6)      Pine straw does not require the destruction of trees

7)      Pine straw does not wash out of your landscape bed like other mulches

8)      Pine straw is low maintenance

9)      Pine straw prevents weeds

10)   Pine straw is visually appealing in the south as pine trees are common throughout our landscape

Overall, pine straw is by far the most cost effective, best bang for your buck mulch product in the Cumming, GA area, but there are different types of straw and each has it’s own pros and cons.

Types of Pine Straw You’ll Find In Cumming, GA

In general there are three types of straw you might consider in the Cumming area. They are Longleaf (or Long Needle), Slash, and Loblolly. Sometimes you’ll also see these mentioned by their scientific names, which are Pinus Palustris, Pinus Elliottii, and Pinus Taeda.

Longleaf  (Long Needle)

Longleaf is the premium pine straw everyone likes to have in their landscaping. The needles are longer, richly colored, thicker, and waxier than other types. Because of these traits, longleaf is durable and keeps a better look for a longer period of time than other straws. Lawnshavers uses longleaf pine straw exclusively for it’s superior benefits to other straws.


Considered slash to be your “standard” pine straw. Big box home improvement stores usually carry slash. It tends to be a clean, affordable pine straw, but lacks the impressive color of long needle. We have found our customers generally do not prefer slash pine straw when compared to long needle pine straw’s more polished appearance.


Loblolly pine straw consists of the shortest needles of the three most common types of straws. It tends to be the least expensive pine straw and spreads easily, but does not have the longevity of other straws. Many landscapers do not use loblolly pine straw given the desire for more premium straws as the price difference, while less, is not very significant.

How To Purchase Pine Straw In Cumming, GA

There are generally three ways to purchase pine straw in our area:

1.       You can pick up pine straw at a local supply store. In addition to big box stores, such as Home Depot and Lowe’s, you should consider local landscaping supply stores. You will find most professional landscapers prefer local supply stores for their fresh, quality product. Obviously, with this option, you will be expected to have the do the installation yourself.

2.       You can have a company deliver your new straw to your house but not install it. Some local supply companies will deliver straw product to your house for a product and delivery fee.

3.       You can have a company, such as Lawnshavers, deliver and install your new straw upon arrival. For the time involved, this is usually the most cost-effective option.

We’ll go into the installation process in a few moments, but this is a good time to let you know that installing pinestraw yourself can be long, hamstring-taxing work if you don’t do it very often. An experienced worker might install up to 15-20 bales an hour. Our experience with training suggest that an inexperienced person will struggle to complete 10-11 bales an hour until they learn proper technique and build the leg and back stamina needed to complete longer work. This does not include the time needed for clean up and tucking.

A Few Notes About Pine Straw Bales and Pricing

Many homeowners don’t realize that pine bales come in different sizes and densities. This leads to some common misconceptions about pine straw bales and pricing. It also allows for some scams you should be aware of.

The main thing to know is that these variations mean that even if you pay the same price per bale, you may need a different number of bales to cover your particular landscaping depending on the supplier.

The first challenge you’ll run into is that pine straw is generally sold in a bale. A supplier may ask you, “How many bales do you need?” Well, if the bales come in different sizes, you can’t possibly know how many bales you need for your particular coverage area. If you’re installing straw yourself, this means you could easily buy too many bales than you need, or have to go back for more.

Lawnshavers has solved this problem for you. Because we delivery and install pine straw directly, we actually don’t price our pine straw by the bale. Instead, have a flat rate price we charge per sq/ft of coverage need.

Instead of guessing, we measure your coverage area. Over time, we’ve tracked the average number of how bales we need to cover specific areas. We then give you a flat price for coverage rather than an inaccurate guesstimate of bales needed. If we’re short a few bales because the bales are two small, you don’t pay any extra, and if we ended up with more straw than we need because the bales are too big, you don’t pay extra for bales you didn’t need either.  We cover the costs either way.

A Common Scam

Our method of pricing also protects you from a very common pine straw installation scam. A quick google search will give you more information if you want, but here’s the idea:

Basically an installer will look at your property and tell you need, say, 100 bales, and they charge $6.50 per bale installed. Then while you’re at work, they come by and install pinestraw throughout your landscaping, but they only used 70 bales.

Because they “sold” you 100 bales, you will be billed $650 for the work. And because you were gone to work, you won’t know how many bales were actually used, and they won’t tell you that you should have only paid $455 based on their original quote. Basically, they sold you 70 bales for $9.29/each.

They simply pocket the difference and you’re none the wiser… at least until you hire a more reputable company to do it in the future.

Because this scam is rampant within the industry, we simplified the process for all involved. Our pricing is based on the sq/ft of coverage area and the sq/ft pricing changes depending on the size of the job.

Proper Pine Straw Distribution

Pine straw distribution in your landscape is fairly straight forward. We generally recommend a straw mat of about 4 inches when finally settled.

If you have old straw that’s lost it’s color, this may mean removing some of your old straw before installing new straw, or simply applying a thin layer across the old straw for color. In generally, a typical application will be 4 to 6 “fluffy” inches, which will flatten after a rain shower or two.

If there is no existing bed of straw, a bed of 6 to 8 inches would be recommended and perhaps a second application after the initial application has settled to insure adequate depth for weed prevention and moisture control.

Pine straw should be kept slightly away from the base of shrubs in your landscape beds. 2 to 4 inches is plenty.

How To Install Pine Straw

Lawnshavers will happily install pine straw for you, but if you choose to do it yourself, let us offer a few suggestions to make your life easier.

First, you will find yourself bending over frequently. If you have lower back issues, you should take care not to over do it.

Depending on your existing pine straw thickness, you may want to spread your new straw thinner or thicker. This means that each bale may cover an area anywhere from 30-100 sq/ft. For most applications, we would expect a bale to cover 30-60 sq/ft.

Start by placing bales in convenient locations around the landscape at spaces of approximately every 50 sq/ft.

Each bale will likely be tied with two quick release knots. A good pull of the loose end, should release the knot and pine straw. If not, keep a knife handy to quickly cut the twine. Or you could simply do it like the pros and yank the straw right out of the twine without releasing the knot or cutting it.

Once released, you’ll notice the pine straw will come apart in smaller clumps.  Pick up a clump.

Now, pull that clump apart to loosen it and shake it forcefully. You’ll see now the clump now comes apart and the pine straw falls loose and fluffy to the bed below.

This is the general idea of how you should apply all the pine straw throughout your yard. You may find this method slow at first. Learn to violently shake out each clump directly to make it faster and easier.

Continue this process until your spread straw throughout the needed coverage area. Be sure to pick out any unsightly sticks, pinecones, or other debris. You will also find you may have to manually place some straw under shrubs and around flowers.

Once complete, the final step of the process is called tucking. As you distribute the straw, you should leave several inches outside of the bed and in the grass. This is so that you can “tuck” this extra straw back up under the edge of the bed to create that classic “cloud” look quality landscapes are known for.

Tucking with a leaf blower will yield the best results, but it can be done by hand if needed. Carefully direct the air stream of the leaf blower toward the excess straw you want to tuck and allow it to roll under the bed. You will quickly get the hang of it.

Lastly, clean up any debris, twine, or other mess from your grass or walkways, step back, and enjoy a completed job well done.

Fun Facts About Pine Straw

The  Industry

Whether in a natural forest of trees or a planted pine stands, pine needles are generally raked and baled before being sold as landscaping mulch throughout the southeastern United States. In plantations with evenly spaced trees, it’s common for bales to be compiled by powered balers.

According to a UGA article, as of 2012, pine straw cultivation in Georgia is a more than $80 million dollar industry, which was a more than five-fold increase in revenue 2000 when the cultivation of pine straw was about a $15.5 million dollar industry.


How Does Lawnshavers’ Dog Waste Pick Up & Removal Service Work?

Note: To request a quote for dog waste removal, visit our homepage.

There are a lot of reasons why it’s not good to leave dog poop to decompose in your yard. It attracts all sorts of problems – disease, bugs, and smells – to name a few. But most people just wanted it cleaned up because “Seriously who wants to live with or clean up the poop all around their house?” Nobody wants to do it. Except us!! (ahem, not that we love poop, but we are a lawn care business after all).

We got tired of stepping in poop while mowing lawns and we realized it was a service that just made sense. So here’s how we do it:

  1. We visit your property each week
  2. We pick up the poop
  3. We dispose of the poop
  4. You have a clean yard
  5. Yes, it really is that easy.

The Dog Poop Pick Up Pattern

In all seriousness, there is a method to our madness. For example, we actually have a specific way we walk your property to ensure we actually scoop all of the poop. You’ll notice we walk in a grid pattern across your yard and then we’ll walk the entire yard again going in the perpendicular direction to make sure we didn’t miss any. Plus, we also learn your dog’s habits and will be able to identify “problem areas” that your dog likes to frequent.

Dog Poop Disposal

Once we’ve picked up your poop, we don’t leave it on your property. We bag your poop, but we don’t leave it at your house. Instead, we take it with us and make sure it’s disposed of properly. That way, you don’t have to deal with a stink trash can either.

There are a few other perks to this service too! If your dog is eating weird stuff, we’ll be able to tell you. If they’ve been sick, we’ll probably see that too (sometimes that requires a little rain to help us out on the clean up), and if your dog is getting into mischief around the yard, we might see it before you do. We’re pretty confident you’d want to know about that hole Fido is digging under the fence behind the rose bushes.

Simple, No Contract Billing

And then to make it even easier for you, we offer it as a super simple, no contract, pay as you go service for as little as $15 (prices vary depending on size of yard and number of dogs).

Try It For Yourself

How cool would it be for someone else to clean up your dog poop for you? Why not sign up for a week and see how you like it. Request a quote on our homepage.

Why Review Us

There are several reasons to submit Google reviews for companies. First, if you are happy, it helps promote that company and increase their visibility on Google. If you’re unhappy, it’s also a great way to get a company’s attention. We would always prefer you call us to resolve any disputes first, but reviews are a great way to express your feelings, good or bad, about a particular company.

In our case, Google has been very good to us, and we want to continue to show up high in Google’s search results for Cumming, GA lawn care and lawn mowing services. We work extra hard to provide top-notch service and we encourage all of our customers and potential customers to review us.

How To Review Us

What Should Your Review Say?

Your review should be an honest assessment of your personal experience with our company. It should not reflect someone else’s experience that you heard about. A sample review might say something such as:

I am very pleased with the serviced I received from Lawnshavers Lawn Care. I requested an estimate online, an employee called me right away to gather information regarding my requested service, and I received the quote within just a few hours. The work was scheduled quickly and completed to my thorough satisfaction. Very happy!


What services does Lawnshavers offer?

Lawnshavers offers weekly and bi-weekly lawn mowing and maintenance, flowerbed weed control, pinestraw and mulch installation, shrub pruning, leaf removal, and dog waste pickup. We also work with local companies to handle pressure washing and gutter cleaning tasks.

What is your mowing schedule?

Our mowing schedule starts on Monday and goes until everyone gets cut for the week.

Can I get service on Friday?

We do not guarantee a specific day of service. To keep our operation as efficient as possible, we operate a “master route” that is optimized for the least amount of drive time per week and maximize our time maintaining lawns. Customers are removed and added to this route in real time. Our goal is to ensure that all (or at least as many as possible depending on weather) customers are serviced prior to the weekend.

What kind of equipment do you use?

Lawnshavers uses commercial grade 36″ Exmark walk-behind mowers and Echo edgers, trimmers, and leaf blowers.

How much does your service cost?

Every lawn is different. Our services are based on the size of your lot and the estimated time to complete your service.

How do I pay?

As of spring 2017 Lawnshavers does not accept cash or check. All customers must provide credit or debit card information in order to schedule service. All services are billed the first Monday AFTER service is completed.  Recurring services are billed per occurrence.

Do you accept credit or debit cards?

Yes. A debit or credit card is required to start service with Lawnshavers.

Can you bill me monthly?

All Lawnshavers services are billed the Monday after a service is completed. For routine lawn maintenance, we will bill for each service completed on the following Monday. We do not combine invoices for services unless they are completed in the same weekly billing cycle.

When do you stop cutting grass in the winter?

For most grasses in our area, service ends sometime in November. However, we will continue to service properties that need leaf clean up until all leaves have fallen. Once the leaves have fallen, we will provide winter maintenance based on the needs of your property, with most customers receiving winter maintenance only once or twice per month.

PCI compliance is a set of security standards for credit card acceptance designed to protect consumer data.  For Lawnshavers, we not only maintain PCI compliance, but we’ve made securing your data is easy. In fact, we don’t keep direct records of your sensitive information at all.

How We Keep Your Data Secure

  1. Even though Lawnshavers uses a “card on file” system of credit card billing, we do not actually store your card information directly.
  2. When you provide your card information, your information is encrypted and stored directly by our merchant services provider, BluePay, which is the processing company responsible for managing your transaction.
  3. Once entered, no Lawnshavers employee, including the CEO, has the ability to view your card information.
  4. Our invoicing system communicates with BluePay to dictate when and how much should be billed to your card.
  5. We do not have “automatic” billing. All credit card charges are initiated by a Lawnshavers employee on our designated billing date for your account, generally each week on Monday.
  6. Each Monday a Lawnshavers employee selects invoices to run and initiates the card billing process. By default, and for most services, we only bill for services completed the previous week.
  7. We do not write down or share your information with anyone. It is entered directly into the BluePay software as it’s given.
  8. We will NEVER ask you to provide sensitive personal information by text or email.

Lawnshavers is committed to keeping your information secure. We will never sell or provide any of your information to a third party without your expressed permission. Our most recent PCI compliance certificate expires 11/5/2018 and is renewed annually.

If you have additional questions about how we keep your payment information secure, please contact us directly at 678-456-5662 or service@lawnshavers.com

What information do we collect?

We collect information needed to provide you with your requested service quote.

What do we use your information for?

Your information may be used in the following ways:

  • To personalize your experience with Lawnshavers.
  • To improve our website
  • To improve our customer service
  • To process transactions
  • To send periodic emails or promotional information related to your request.

How do we protect your information?

Your information is kept in-house in our secure customer database. We do not provide any information to any third party companies. 

Do we use cookies?

Yes. Our website uses cookies to help personalize your browsing experience on Lawnshavers.com.


Lawnshavers is proud to offer dog poop clean up and removal services in Cumming, GA starting 8/27/2017.

To request a quote, visit our homepage.

Lawnshavers Mission

Effective immediately, Lawnshavers will be changing our routing structure for lawn maintenance services.

The Challenge

In the past we have guaranteed a specific service day, and then if we had rain make ups or other delays we would work the delayed properties back into our schedule. This has resulted in three problems we want to address:

  • Inefficient routing, which causes problem #2.
  • Services delayed into the weekend, or worse, skipped to the following week.
  • We foresee several challenges with this system we want to avoid as we hire crews to implement our services.

The Solution

After seeking advice from several much larger lawn service companies and talking with many of our own customers, we have decided to change our service to what we call a Weekly Master Route system. In the new system, we will have a weekly master route that runs Monday through Thursday, with Friday and weekends used for delays as needed. The route will be scheduled for maximum driving efficiency, and we will work through this route each week while adding and cancelling accounts to and from the route in real time.

After consulting the more experienced professionals and testing this arrangement in small scale over the last few weeks, we strongly feel the pros of this system outweigh the cons for both you and Lawnshavers.

The Pros

  • Less skipped services due to inefficient routing
  • Greater efficiency equals fewer services skipped or completed over the weekend when we experience delays. This is good for your social life and our employee morale.
  • Greater efficiency will reduce our non-billable labor costs, and allow us to compete for better, more reliable employees.
  • Gives us the ability to address issues with hiring and finding reliable field crew without setting awkward expectations with you (ie, if we hire someone today and tell you that weve added you to Tuesdays route because we have an extra worker, but he doesnt show up or I have to fire him, so we have to move you back to Wednesday the very next day, and we look stupid). This system virtually eliminates that type of annoying issue you dont need to be troubled with.

The Cons

Essentially nothing about the performance of your service will change. The only negative change will be that you will no longer be assigned to a specific day for service. Instead, we will address specific concerns regarding service timing as outlined in the paragraph below, and your actual day of service will change according to our account volume and weather. Our commitment to all customers will be to get everyone serviced prior to the weekend if at all possible.

For those customers who need us to avoid service at certain times or on certain days, please let us know and we will update our notes in our dispatching software so we can avoid disturbing you (night shift workers, work from home on certain days, etc). If you wish to request service on a specific day, we will either offer a new proposal to address our increased costs in time and labor to make such an accommodation, or we will have to politely decline the account. To my knowledge, we have no current customers that should require special accommodations for us to make this change.

This Week

For the remainder of this week, we will be performing services based on immediate need as rain is expected Friday through Sunday. Starting Monday, we will implement the new routing plan and you may receive service on a different day of the week than you’ve been accustomed.

Contact Us

We want to make your lawn care service as smooth and as hassle-free as possible. If you have any questions about this change, please call us at 678-456-5662.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support of Lawnshavers!

Lawnshavers provides lawn mowing and maintenance service in 30040. Neighborhoods we are available to serve include:

  • Adair Park
  • Arbors At Lakeview
  • Arbors II At Lakeview
  • Ashebrooke
  • Ashford Manor Court
  • Ashford Manor Enclave
  • Barrett Downs
  • Barrett Landing
  • Bentley Ridge
  • Bethelwood Lakes
  • Big Creek Township
  • Bridgetowne
  • Bridlewood
  • Brighton Lake
  • Calamar
  • Cambridge Estates
  • Canterbury Farms
  • Carriage Post
  • Castleberry Heights
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  • Concord Farms
  • Cool Springs
  • Creekside
  • Creekside Enclave
  • Danbury Farms
  • Davis Farms
  • Dressage
  • Dyer Farms
  • Estates At Big Creek
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  • Fieldstone Park
  • Fieldstone Preserve
  • Forest Brooke
  • Fox Chase
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  • Hampton Forest
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  • Highlands At Sawnee Mountain
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  • Hyde Park
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  • Lake Astoria
  • Lake Forest
  • Landing at Kelly Mill
  • Liberty
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  • Manchester Court
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  • Maristone
  • Marseille
  • Meadow Crest
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We help homeowners with their lawn maintenance and lawn care service in 30028. Neighborhoods we are available to serve include:

  • Abbey Glen
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  • Carruth Lake Estates
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  • The Lakes At Franklin Goldmin
  • The Manor at Harmon Lake
  • The Springs At Burnt Bridge
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  • Villages at Settingdown
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