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Lawnshavers welcomes Alicia Goldstein as new Director of Lawn Maintenance Operations

About Alicia

Lawnshavers welcomes Alicia Goldstein to their growing lawn maintenance division as the new Director of Lawn Maintenance Operations.

Alicia is a graduate of St. Petersburg College with a BA in Business Administration and a minor in Leadership.

After completing her undergraduate studies, she began work as a Private Banker and Mortgage Lender where she excelled for 10 years, before turning her finance skills toward credit repair.

Alicia and her fiancé, Brian, also founded Purposed2Help, which is a non-profit operation focused on feeding the homeless in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Today, Alicia’s friends and family have continued to the mission of Purposed2Help, while Alicia, Brian, and Alicia’s canine “child,” Bella, spend their time working remotely and traveling the western coast. To date, they’ve hiked and photographed the California and Oregon coasts, and, as of this announcement, they will be traveling to Montana for the next phase of their adventure.

Alicia’s Role At Lawnshavers

Alicia will be taking over and further developing the role of Director of Lawn Maintenance Operations.

She will be the initial and primary contact for customer support, scheduling, and billing for all lawn maintenance related services, while managing member, Eric Lowery, will remain responsible for quotes and initial service consultations.

She can be contacted at service@lawnshavers.com.