Can you trust your credit card information to your lawn company? With Lawnshavers, the answer is yes! We commit to protecting your confidential information, including all personal and financial data.

How We Keep Your Information Safe

When you submit your credit card information to Lawnshavers’ for billing, you are not giving your information to directly to Lawnshavers. Instead, you are providing your credit card information directly to the credit card processing company that processes your transaction with your bank. We simply supply you with their secure form.

We use CardConnect (formerly Bluepay) as our processor. They work together with our invoice management system, Service Autopilot, to securely protect your information.

CardConnect encrypts your data immediately, and Lawnshavers receives an electronic encryption “token” from CardConnect that allows our software to request a transaction from the card processor. No Lawnshavers employee has access to your financial information.

No one, not even the owner of the company, has access to your confidential financial information

Phone Payments

You may choose to use a different card from time to time. In such cases, you’ll need to provide payment information over the phone.

If you choose to pay for a service over the phone, rest assured that Lawnshavers will protect any confidential information you provide us. Our employees cannot write your information down, and they are not allowed to submit it anywhere other than our encryption software, per company policy.

How Do You Know We’re Serious?

Our owner is an ex-cop with no tolerance for fraudulent activity. Fraud is not going to happen on his watch without serious repercussions for the perpetrator. So yeah, there’s that, too.