Due to the Monday holiday and multiple rains this week, we are obviously running a little behind schedule. After yesterday’s storm shut us down, it became obvious that we will be unable to complete all services this week. As a result, we will be adjusting our routing for the remainder of the weekend to address those properties who have had the longest time since last service.

The forecast for next week is promising and this schedule change should allow us to get everyone caught up and back under control as soon as possible. We know your grass is likely taller than you would like, and we are working through the weekend as weather allows to complete as many services as possible.

If you are an every other week mowing customer (especially those that are being fertilized), chances are your grass is extremely tall right now, as this is the primary growing season for bermudagrass . If this is the case, we strongly encourage you to change to weekly service through at least July and possibly August because your lawn may become unmanageable on a bi-weekly schedule. In some cases, we may require this change to continue service.

Overgrown bi-weekly lawns are made more difficult to manage by the rainy season, and in general, we are simply not able to expedite individual services at the expense of our overall route efficiency. If you are on a bi-weekly plan and your lawn grows more than you would like, your best solution to avoid an overgrown lawn is to convert to weekly service until your grass growth begins to slow around August/September.

If anyone has any questions, please let us know.

Eric Lowery, CEO