Beginning April 2018, Lawnshavers customers will see a new crew from time to time and we’d like to introduce you to that crew’s new crew leader, Tyler Rex.

First, Lawnshavers welcomes Tyler to the Lawnshavers family and we are confident our customers will love his attention to detail.

Get to know Tyler

Hey, our employees are real people with real lives. They’re not just lawn mowing machines! So, here is some info so you can get to know Tyler as more than just a hard-working face.

  • Tyler lived in Miami, Florida until he was 11. There he learned to appreciate being outside and enjoying sunshine and water. He loves the outdoors and just being in the sun (Side note: This helps in the lawn care industry!)
  • He played piano starting when he was about 5 or 6 and took lessons for 10 years. This led to his involvement in a traveling orchestra in Miramar, Florida.
  • Tyler currently lives on a farm where he enjoys freshly grown food and learning the ways of organic farming.
  • This is Tyler’s third year as a landscaper. He has really begun to see the value of what a lawn care company does in order to make things easier for homeowners in terms of time, energy, and labor and now sees his role as a way to become a leader within the community.
  • He enjoys hiking, long boarding, and listening to audiobooks (no lie, the owner of Lawnshavers listens to about 3 books a week. Tyler is darn near keeping up!).
  • He also loves destination traveling with close friends. Most recently he’s visited Yosemite, but he’d tell you a nice beach never seems to be anything short of a great time, either.

Here’s what we think

Tyler has expressed a willingness to work and take on new challenges without hesitation. He is constantly seeking information to improve his work, his mindset, and develop a more robust vision of the world and of his role within our company. Tyler has been performing contract work with Lawnshavers for several months, and never once have we heard a complaint come out of his mouth. He shows up every day ready to work and is eager to get the job done right. And frankly, we’re happy to have him on board.

Here’s what he looks like, ya know, in case you want to make sure it’s Lawnshavers in your yard!

Lawn Care Crew Leader