PCI compliance is a set of security standards for credit card acceptance designed to protect consumer data.  For Lawnshavers, we not only maintain PCI compliance, but we’ve made securing your data is easy. In fact, we don’t keep direct records of your sensitive information at all.

How We Keep Your Data Secure

  1. Even though Lawnshavers uses a “card on file” system of credit card billing, we do not actually store your card information directly.
  2. When you provide your card information, your information is encrypted and stored directly by our merchant services provider, BluePay, which is the processing company responsible for managing your transaction.
  3. Once entered, no Lawnshavers employee, including the CEO, has the ability to view your card information.
  4. Our invoicing system communicates with BluePay to dictate when and how much should be billed to your card.
  5. We do not have “automatic” billing. All credit card charges are initiated by a Lawnshavers employee on our designated billing date for your account, generally each week on Monday.
  6. Each Monday a Lawnshavers employee selects invoices to run and initiates the card billing process. By default, and for most services, we only bill for services completed the previous week.
  7. We do not write down or share your information with anyone. It is entered directly into the BluePay software as it’s given.
  8. We will NEVER ask you to provide sensitive personal information by text or email.

Lawnshavers is committed to keeping your information secure. We will never sell or provide any of your information to a third party without your expressed permission. Our most recent PCI compliance certificate expires 11/5/2018 and is renewed annually.

If you have additional questions about how we keep your payment information secure, please contact us directly at 678-456-5662 or service@lawnshavers.com