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Lawnshavers Mission

Effective immediately, Lawnshavers will be changing our routing structure for lawn maintenance services.

The Challenge

In the past we have guaranteed a specific service day, and then if we had rain make ups or other delays we would work the delayed properties back into our schedule. This has resulted in three problems we want to address:

  • Inefficient routing, which causes problem #2.
  • Services delayed into the weekend, or worse, skipped to the following week.
  • We foresee several challenges with this system we want to avoid as we hire crews to implement our services.

The Solution

After seeking advice from several much larger lawn service companies and talking with many of our own customers, we have decided to change our service to what we call a Weekly Master Route system. In the new system, we will have a weekly master route that runs Monday through Thursday, with Friday and weekends used for delays as needed. The route will be scheduled for maximum driving efficiency, and we will work through this route each week while adding and cancelling accounts to and from the route in real time.

After consulting the more experienced professionals and testing this arrangement in small scale over the last few weeks, we strongly feel the pros of this system outweigh the cons for both you and Lawnshavers.

The Pros

  • Less skipped services due to inefficient routing
  • Greater efficiency equals fewer services skipped or completed over the weekend when we experience delays. This is good for your social life and our employee morale.
  • Greater efficiency will reduce our non-billable labor costs, and allow us to compete for better, more reliable employees.
  • Gives us the ability to address issues with hiring and finding reliable field crew without setting awkward expectations with you (ie, if we hire someone today and tell you that weve added you to Tuesdays route because we have an extra worker, but he doesnt show up or I have to fire him, so we have to move you back to Wednesday the very next day, and we look stupid). This system virtually eliminates that type of annoying issue you dont need to be troubled with.

The Cons

Essentially nothing about the performance of your service will change. The only negative change will be that you will no longer be assigned to a specific day for service. Instead, we will address specific concerns regarding service timing as outlined in the paragraph below, and your actual day of service will change according to our account volume and weather. Our commitment to all customers will be to get everyone serviced prior to the weekend if at all possible.

For those customers who need us to avoid service at certain times or on certain days, please let us know and we will update our notes in our dispatching software so we can avoid disturbing you (night shift workers, work from home on certain days, etc). If you wish to request service on a specific day, we will either offer a new proposal to address our increased costs in time and labor to make such an accommodation, or we will have to politely decline the account. To my knowledge, we have no current customers that should require special accommodations for us to make this change.

This Week

For the remainder of this week, we will be performing services based on immediate need as rain is expected Friday through Sunday. Starting Monday, we will implement the new routing plan and you may receive service on a different day of the week than you’ve been accustomed.

Contact Us

We want to make your lawn care service as smooth and as hassle-free as possible. If you have any questions about this change, please call us at 678-456-5662.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support of Lawnshavers!