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Lawnshavers is proud to offer dog poop clean up and removal services in Cumming, GA starting 8/27/2017. To request a quote, visit our homepage.

Lawnshavers Mission

Effective immediately, Lawnshavers will be changing our routing structure for lawn maintenance services. The Challenge In the past we have guaranteed a specific service day, and then if we had rain make ups or other delays we would work the delayed properties back into our schedule. This has resulted in three problems we want to address: Inefficient routing, which causes problem #2. Services delayed into the weekend, or worse, skipped to the following week. We foresee several challenges with this system we want to avoid as we hire crews to implement our services. The Solution After seeking advice from several much larger lawn service companies and talking with many of our own customers, we have decided to change our service to what we call a Weekly Master Route system. In the new system, we will have a weekly master route that runs Monday through Thursday, with Friday and weekends used…

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