Cheap Lawn Mowing Service Cumming Ga

I was reading through some posts in a lawn care group on Facebook and one conversation in particular was about cheap lawn mowing service. I am always humored by complaints about “lowballer” lawn care guys who charge ridiculously low prices to cut grass, because I know from experience that these guys won’t be able to sustain those prices and stay in business. Basically, I don’t even worry about them, but this post got me thinking about the hidden costs of cheap lawn mowing service you may not realize. Here’s the post in question: [box type=”info”]Transcript: Customer: Hi. This is [John]. How much would you charge to mow my yard? Lawn Guy: My minimum is [$X], but I need to see your yard first before I can tell you for certain. Customer: Well…the last guy did it for $20 and I haven’t heard from him in a month. Lawn Guy:    ………..…

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