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Lawnshavers’ Mission

Lawnshavers Mission

Lawnshavers’ mission can be summed up in one phrase:

We provide the most reliable weekly lawn mowing and maintenance service available in Forsyth County, Georgia.

Our primary goal is to make sure that our weekly lawn maintenance customers receive the highest level of reliability and dependability from our company.  That means we care for their lawns on the same day every week, we bill credit cards on the same day every week, we provide a consistent level of quality workmanship, and we communicate quickly and effectively for client concerns or special requests.

Ours Services Support Our Mission

Because of this commitment, we are not a one-size fits all lawn service company.  In fact, there are many services we don’t provide, because it would make it more difficult to serve our core clients.  For example, Lawnshavers doesn’t perform large scale tree trimming or custom landscape design. These are speciality services best provided by companies who specialize in those particular services, and chances are they don’t provide weekly lawn maintenance because that’s not their focus.

Current & Future Services

That doesn’t mean we won’t provide additional services. As we grow, Lawnshavers intends to provide the following suite of lawn care services:

  • Weekly Lawn Maintenance
  • Bi-Weekly Lawn Maintenance
  • Small and Medium-sized Shrub Trimming
  • Crepe Myrtle Trimming
  • Mulch Installation
  • Flower Bed Weeding and Weed Control
  • Spring/Fall Clean Ups
  • Leaf Clean Up & Removal
  • Fertilization
  • Chemical Weed Control

For information or a free estimate about these services, please visit our services page to learn more.