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Lawn Care Bill Of Rights

Lawnshavers Bill Of Rights

At Lawnshavers, we care about our relationship with our customers. In fact, one of our core values is to create a WOW! experience for all of our customers. One of the ways we create a great experience for you and promote our company values is to share with you what we believe should be your Lawn Care Bill of Rights.

Your Lawnshavers’ Lawn Care Bill Of Rights

Lawnshavers believes there are certain inalienable customer rights in the way business should be conducted. That’s why we’ve established an official lawn care bill of rights and even a  company belief system. Here are the 10 elements of our customer bill of rights.

1) Right To No Service Contract

You have the right to hire (and fire) a lawn service provider without the need for a long-term contract. No homeowner should be required to pay for services on their property they no longer need, want, or desire.

2) Right To Simple No-Haggle Pricing

You deserve quality lawn maintenance at the best price possible. Lawnshavers continuously works to improve our efficiency to ensure that we can keep our prices reasonable and competitive while still providing the highest level of customer service.

3) Right To Friendly Service

You have the right to friendly service from your lawn care provider. We are here to assist and serve you, and we are grateful for the opportunity to do so. Rude or otherwise unfriendly interactions will not be tolerated from our staff.

4) Right To Communication

You have the right to communication from and with our staff. Regardless of the reason, if we are unable to service your property as scheduled, or if there is a change in our service plans, you have the right to be notified in advance. In addition, should the need arise to communicate with an onsite crew, you have the right to be able to communicate directly with personnel on your property. At least one member of every Lawnshavers crew must speak fluent English.

5) Right To Confidentiality

Your personal information, service agreement, and other financial information regarding your business transactions with us are confidential between you and Lawnshavers. At no time will Lawnshavers or any employee of Lawnshavers disclose your personal, business, or financial information to any other person or entity without your knowledge and permission unless required by law.

6) Right To Make Decisions

You have the right to decide how your lawn care is managed. Lawnshavers will default to industry best practices for lawn maintenance when no special requests are made.

7) Right To Be Informed

You have the right to be informed of damage or disease we find while working on your property.

8) Right To Safety Of Person And Property

You have a right to personal safety and the safety of your property. All Lawnshavers, LLC employees must be legally allowed to work in the United States and must conduct a background screening.

9) Right To Be Protected From Damage

You have the right to be protected from accidental damage from personnel or equipment. Obviously Lawnshavers doesn’t set out to damage your property, but we also know accidents can happen. That’s why we carry a $1,000,000 general liability insurance policy to protect both you and us from unnecessary financial risk.

10) Right of Redress

In the event Lawnshavers, LLC causes harm to your property you have the right to make a grievance and seek resolution.