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The Most Efficient Way To Mow Your Lawn

Efficient Way Mow Lawn

Finding the most efficient way to mow your lawn is easy. Just look to quality lawn care companies and learn their techniques. Good lawn care companies strive to be as efficient as possible while delivery a good looking lawn week in and week out.  Here are a few tricks of the trade:

For pure efficiency, Lawnshavers recommends the maintenance routines outlined below. For the purpose of this article we’re assuming you will be doing all the work yourself.  The work order may be slightly different for a two or three man mowing crew.

As a general rule, mowing is faster than trimming, so you want to mow as much area of the lawn as possible. If you trim first, you may miss areas your mower can’t go, or worse, you may spend time trimming more lawn than you need to. By mowing first, you also know exactly how high to trim to keep an even grass height.

For a lawn that is regularly maintained, we recommend:

  • Mow
  • Edge
  • Trim
  • Clean Up/Blow Debris

For an overgrown lawn:

  • Edge
  • Trim (trim high as you may be mowing high as well).
  • Mow
  • Clean Up/Blow Debris

Why Change The Order For Overgrown Lawns?

Efficiency at the expense of a good looking lawn does not work in the lawn care business because the lawn needs to look good every time. When you trim and edge an overgrown lawn, you’ll have a significant amount of longer grass debris than if the yard is maintain regularly.  Edging and trimming first allows you to bag or mulch the excess debris.  If you mow first, you’d either leave lots of large grass debris on the lawn when you’re done, or you end up mowing large portions of the lawn twice.

What Do Other Lawn Care Companies Do?

Honestly, we have no idea. Every company is different. Some lawn care providers may use a different work order for various reasons, but for efficiency, we’ve found these work orders work best to give us the cleanest look in the fastest possible time.

Hate doing all this work yourself and live in Forsyth County, Georgia? You’re always welcome to request an estimate and let us take care of it for you!

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