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4 Most Common Lawn Care Complaints – SOLVED!

Common Lawn Care Complaints

Lawnshavers didn’t solve the four most common complaints in the lawn care industry by accident.

When Lawnshavers was founded, the owner wanted to make sure the company had the strongest competitive advantage possible, and he insisted the foundation for any competitive advantage needed to come from solving problems routinely faced by lawn service customers.

How We Identified The Four Most Common Complaints In The Lawn Care Industry

The easiest source of information regarding lawn care complaints was reaching out to other lawn care companies that were successful at acquiring large numbers of clients and keeping them happy.

We looked to the owners of multiple companies in search of their insights regarding customer complaints, and we also talked to everyday folks who had hired lawn service companies.

In every case, the same four complaints surfaced over and over again, and we wanted to make sure we solved every single concern for our clients.

What Are The Four Most Common Complaints In The Lawn Care Industry?

The four main complaints in the lawn care industry are:

  1. Lack of communication from the service provider.
  2. Lawn care service provider not showing up when they said they would.
  3. Service provider leaving fence gates open (and allowing pets to escape).
  4. Service provider not accepting common credit and debit cards.

1) Lack Of Communication From The Service Provider – SOLVED!

One of the pet peeves our founder has is when a business changes something and doesn’t communicate the change to him. It drives him up the wall crazy with frustration. In this day of hyper communication, there is no excuse! Solving this problem was easy. Whenever there is a change in service or circumstances come up with a service route that affects you, you will be notified by text, email, or phone.

The most common reasons you’d hear from us about a change in service plans are:

  1. Weather related service delays
  2. Notifying you of expected make up day for any missed service
  3. Route update (we periodically update our routes to maintain optimum route efficiency)
  4. Emergency situation affecting the crew servicing your route.

Another common frustration we found was customers who couldn’t communicate directly with onsite crews due to language barrier of the crew members. That’s why Lawnshavers requires at least one crew member on every crew to speak fluent English.

We strongly feel there is no excuse for one of our customers to not hear from our office when appropriate or not be able to communicate with the people who are actively working on their property.

2) Not Showing Up When Scheduled – SOLVED!

Not showing up when scheduled and lack of communication obviously go hand in hand. Many are small single-man or small group operations that manage their business in their heads or on a scratch pad.  Lawnshavers is completely different. We are a fully established corporation dedicated to providing you the highest level of lawn maintenance service possible.

In order to attract customers and grow into the business we want to become, we knew we had to have an effective way to manage a large number of clients and schedule their work consistently and without error. To do this, we invest in a proprietary software program that allows us to manage and track all of our services specifically set up and designed for the way we do business.

Every service we provide is dispatched to a corresponding crew on a daily basis. Our system knows which customers receive service on any given day. Crews access their pre-scheduled route on their mobile devices and follow a designated route to avoid missed services.

3) Leaving Fence Gates Open – SOLVED!

Hey, we’re pet lovers here too. Absolutely under no circumstances do we want to be the reason your pet escapes from your house.

All Lawnshavers crews must triple check for shut fence gates before they leave your property. Once they have loaded up their equipment, the last thing they are required to do before driving off is to go and double check your gate. It really is that simple. We really couldn’t figure out why this issue was so common, but we’re determined not to lose our customers because of laziness on the part of our crews.

4) Not Accepting Common Credit and Debit Cards – SOLVED!

In this day and age, not accepting credit and debit cards is like not having proper insurance and licensing.  Lawnshavers happily processes Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover cards. You never have to run to the ATM again, you never have to leave cash on the back porch, and you never have to buy checks for us. We make our billing and payment process as easy as possible. Problem solved. Done!

Final Thoughts From The Founder

Eric here. I just want to let you know that Lawnshavers is committed to giving you the highest quality lawn service possible.

My staff and I are committed to continuously seeking out these types of problems and solving them, because the lawn care industry has been lacking in professional standards for too long.

We’re here to show you that you can have reliable, dependable lawn care service.  If you’re thinking about changing companies, have just moved to the area, or are hiring your first lawn service, please give us a call at 678-456-5662 for a free quote for whatever service you need.


Eric Lowery, Founder & CEO