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Lawn Maintenance Terms & Conditions of Service

Lawn Maintenance Terms & Conditions

The following terms & conditions outline lawn maintenance services performed by Lawnshavers, LLC.

Services Performed

Our weekly lawn maintenance program includes mowing all turf areas, trimming turf areas that cannot be mowed, and edging curbs, walkways, patios, and driveways where needed. Of course we will blow away any trimmings as well.

By default we mulch all mowing clippings. Clippings can be bagged for an additional fee of $3.00/bag. Bags will be left curbside for local pickup. Lawnshavers does not know which neighborhoods receive local refuse pickup or any special requirements of each service. Customer will be responsible for notifying local refuse company or arranging pickup if needed.

Note About Bi-Weekly Service: When lawns are mowed bi-weekly, often more than the recommended 1/3 grass blade is removed. Removing more than 1/3 of the grass blade increases the risk of disease and yellow-tinged lawns. It also increases the amount of mulched clippings that accumulate on your lawn. While we do offer bi-weekly service, generally speaking those lawns do not maintain the lush appearance of those lawns that are maintained more frequently.

Initial Mowing Service

Your weekly mowing quote assumes your lawn is already well maintained. In the event your lawn is overgrown upon our first visit, an additional fee may be required and you will be notified before work begins.

Initial Lawn Audit

On our first visit to your property, we will complete a lawn maintenance audit to include any special notes about your property that we haven’t previously discussed, a count of decorative plants and trees that may require routine pruning, we will determine the area of your mulched landscape beds, and gather any other pertinent information that may be useful to have on file. We will use this information top provide fast estimates in the future and to help us keep an eye out for changes to your property you should know about. Please note this audit is for maintenance purposes only and is not a comprehensive assement of plant health, fertilization needs, or soil condition.

Scheduling & Delays

Lawnshavers’ standard weekly mowing schedule is as follows:

  • March – Bi-weekly visits. Mowing season begins for most lawns starts.
  • April – Weekly
  • May – Weekly
  • June – Weekly
  • July – Weekly
  • August – Weekly
  • September – Weekly
  • October – Weekly
  • November – Bi-weekly visits. Mowing ends for most lawns.
  • December Through February – Clean up and pruning as requested.Our mowing days are Monday through Thursday and you will automatically be assigned to a route based on your location within the county once you’ve made billing arrangements. Your service will be performed on the same day every week. Routes are updated periodically to maintain our scheduling efficiency. If we need to change your service day for any reason, you will be notified in advance.

Mowing Routes

In order to keep prices competitive and maintain efficient scheduling, we maintain the following routes:

  • Monday – Northeast Forsyth County, North of Hwy 20/East of Hwy 400
  • Tuesday – Northwest Forsyth County, North of Hwy 20/West of Hwy 400
  • Wednesday – Southwest Forsyth County, South of Hwy 20/West of Hwy 400
  • Thursday – Southeast Forsyth County, South of Hwy 20/East of Hwy 400

Lawnshavers reserves the right to change or alter these routes to accommodate service demand. Advance notice will be provided for any route change.

Service Delays / Weather

Occasionally, unforeseen circumstances may require an unexpected change in your service day within a given week. The most common cause of such delays is weather. Lawnshavers will not mow when we determine your turf is significantly wet in order to avoid accidental damage to your lawn. Other reasons we may experience an unexpected delay are family emergencies for crew members or significant equipment malfunctions. While these issues are rare, we do believe in taking care of our lawn care “family.” In the event of an unexpected delay, we will actively work to make up your service on subsequent days during the same week and return service to your normal schedule the following week. We prioritize Friday, Saturday, and Sunday as make up days when needed.

Please note: Our first commitment to all customers is maintaining their weekly lawn maintenance schedules. This is one of the reasons we don’t generally perform one-time lawn services for non-maintenance customers.  As a weekly lawn maintenance customer you are our highest service priority. When unexpected delays occur, one-time services such as mulch installation or shrub trimming that are scheduled for Friday, Saturday, or Sunday may be rescheduled to accommodate our mowing obligations.

Billing Procedure

All maintenance customers are required to provide a major credit or debit card for automatic billing prior to scheduling initial service. Because we are a “no contract” service provider, we bill per service instead of per month and you only pay for service that has been completed. Our billing week is Sunday through Saturday. Invoices for completed services are invoiced and charged on the following Monday by close of business. You will receive a paid invoice by email once the transaction is complete. For your convenience we accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

All credit card information is encrypted and securely stored by our merchant processing provider. At no time will any Lawnshavers employee (including the CEO) have access to your billing information once entered into our.


Lawnshavers offers a 100% risk-free, double money back guarantee that applies to all services. For complete details, visit our guarantee page.

Termination of Service / Service Holds

Either you or Lawnshavers may terminate this service arrangement at any time. Any work performed prior to termination of service will be billed according to the original arrangement.

Should your card on file be declined for any reason, your service will automatically be paused until a new card is provided and any past due balance is paid.

Privacy Policy

Lawnshavers complete privacy policy can be found on our about page. We do not provide your personal or billing information to any third party unless required by law.